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Boxing Day

Boxing Day came early this year! Rabbits’ Guy over at A Houseful of Rabbits has managed to get Zoey and Baxter to sit nicely in a box.¬†Another lovely Christmas present!

5 Responses to “Boxing Day”

  1. Christina Says:

    That is a Christmas present I would love to get!
    Happy Holidays little buns

  2. Rabbits' Guy Says:

    Actually Bax and Zoey were pretty quiet in that box and we took several snaps … I don’t think they really wanted to be in there though!

  3. thefluffies Says:

    This is a present i would love to get too..

    Hey, by the way.. we’re inviting u to our blog.. come and visit us and hope we can become frens too..!

    have a nice day!!

  4. Freckles and Deb Says:

    Aren’t they the adorable ones!

  5. furrybutts Says:

    Hehe, that gives a whole new meaning to Boxing Day!

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