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Did you see Sebastian on Daily Bunny the other day? Apparently he hurt one of his hind legs and has problems cleaning himself while sitting. So he found out that he can clean his face and ears while lying down! Very cute, but the poor guy becomes confused when one of his paws gets stuck under the rug!

Sebastian laying down and cleaning

5 Responses to “Sebastian”

  1. Christina Says:

    This video is wonderful! If you feel down and have had a bad day this is top quality bunny therapy, guaranteed to make you smile and feel better!
    Mats: how did you find out the bunny’s name?

  2. Mats Says:

    By clicking the YouTube icon in the lower right corner after the video had played, I was taken to the corresponding YouTube page. It has the title “Sebastian – laying down and cleaning”.

    When sitting up at the end of the clip, I think Sebastian looks very much disapproving: “WHO put that rug between my paw and my ear???”

  3. Gabriella Says:

    Sebastian shows that where there is a will there’s a way 🙂
    Thanks Mats for visiting after Hugo passed away – we miss him a lot but hopefully Miss Eve will now be less sad with her new husbun, Bing. They’re coming home tonight after bonding sessions that lasted since last Friday night.

  4. Mats Says:

    I am happy to hear that things worked out well between Miss Eve and Bing! On the photos you have on your blog, Bing looks like a really handsome bunny boy!

  5. furrybutts Says:

    What a cute video!! Talk about improvising hehe

    I hope Sebastian’s hind leg is getting better as time goes by!

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