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Welcome, Bing!

Miss Eve at Bunnies, Needles and Books has found a new bunny companion: Bing, a handsome boy. We hope that they will get along well and welcome Bing to the cyber-bunny community!

4 Responses to “Welcome, Bing!”

  1. Christina Says:

    Bing looks like a really fine rabbit. I hope he and Miss Eve will be happy together. But of course we all miss Hugo!

  2. Rabbits' Guy Says:

    We are all rooting for Bing and happy for Miss Eve and her keeper.

  3. furrybutts Says:

    It’s good to see Miss Eve with a husbun again 🙂 Bing is such a cute name, isn’t it?

  4. thefluffies Says:

    it’s glad to know Miss Eve has a new husbun. He is a hansome bunn too!

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