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Bad Hare Day

Did you see the “Driver’s License Photo” of Jay on Disapproving Rabbits last weekend? Poor Jay does not look too happy.

7 Responses to “Bad Hare Day”

  1. Christina Says:

    I love that picture. And I think that Jay looks like a lovely bunny with a very expressfull face!

  2. The Bunns Says:

    Jay was framed ….

  3. Mats Says:

    Jay was framed for sure! 🙂
    I love his grey fur and the long pink tounge!

  4. thefluffies Says:

    I’ll show my tougue like that when i renew my driving license!

    The Fluffies’s Mom

  5. Freckles and Deb Says:

    Well, it certainly shows a lot of character and personality!

  6. Gabriella Says:

    I think Bing could have competed with Jay in tongue extension…he did a very long show of tongue!
    We’ll see what the new bun bonding with Miss Eve will be like…

  7. Mats Says:

    Gabriella, we all hope that the new bonding with Miss Eve will work out, Neville looks like a real cutie!

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