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Sebastian and Sammy eating

Sebastian, the bunny that cleaned himself while lying down, and his friend Sammy eat breakfast!

Sebastian and Sammy eating

4 Responses to “Sebastian and Sammy eating”

  1. Christina Says:

    Tack Mats, kramar!! (translation: thanks Mats, hugs!)
    This is one of my absolute favourite bunny movies right now. Watching this is pure bunny therapy, and makes me long for the days when we can have our own bunnies!

  2. Mats Says:

    Watching bunnies eating is simply adorable! They seem to munch much quicker than they are able to swallow, so their cheeks get all puffy!

  3. thefluffies Says:

    I love seeing bunnies chewing food.. nyom nyom..

  4. Gabriella Says:

    Nom nom nom… that’s a lovely salad plate and fruits! Nothing more relaxing than bunny grooming or bunny munching away with gusto 🙂

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