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Hoppy Birthday!

Today is the birthday of a special person, so to him and to everyperson and everybun on the net who also happen to have birthday today: Have a really happy and hoppy day!!

6 Responses to “Hoppy Birthday!”

  1. Mats Says:

    Oh! Thank you so much! What a lovely little bunny, and what a huge cake!

  2. The Bunns Says:

    Well … a BIG HOPPY BIRTHDAY … we don’t know anybunny or body else with this day for a B’DAY! It’s all yours!

  3. Mats Says:

    Thanks a lot, all of you!

  4. furrybutts Says:

    Happy Birthday Mats!!! Sorry I’m a bit late in wishing you.. hope you had a great celebration 🙂

  5. Neville & Miss Eve Says:

    Oooohhhh….we’re soo late to wish you happy birthday, but it is from the deep of our furry hearts! Did you get cake? Carrot cake?

  6. Mats Says:

    Thank you, all of you! I did get cake, but alas no carrot cake.

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