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Make Mine Chocolate!

In Sweden we do not have the problem with careless people buying real live bunny babies for Easter, but we would still like to contribute to the campaign against such mistreatment of animals. Do not buy live bunnies for Easter! Make Mine Chocolate!

5 Responses to “Make Mine Chocolate!”

  1. Christina Says:

    That little chocolate bunny is wonderful, I would not be able to eat it, it’s far too cute!
    As Mats wrote, we thankfully do not have the problem with people buying bunnies for Easter, mabye because the Easter Bunny is not a bunny in Sweden but a hare – in Swedish “påskharen” (and also the most common symbol for Easter here is the chicken, and people don’t buy live chickens as gifts).

  2. Rabbits' Guy Says:

    Dibs on the ears! Oh people get baby chicks here for easter too. Some places even dye them bright colors. Most of them do end up on farms!

  3. Christina Says:

    How awful to dye little chicken och sell them for Easter! How can people do that??

  4. thefluffies Says:

    The choc is too cute to eat 🙂

  5. furrybutts Says:

    We don’t have much of a bunny-buying frenzy in Malaysia during Easter as well, thankfully. But I still advocate the ‘Make Mine Chocolate’ cause 🙂 That chocolate bunny really is too cute to be eaten though!

    P/S: Thanks Mats and Christina, for your kind words and well wishes for Hans. It definitely made me feel better about the surgery and it helped Hans recover quickly too 🙂

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