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Little Hans deserves a medal!

Little Hans over at Furrybutts has gone through surgery to remove his incisors, and is currently recovering from this ordeal. Hans’ mom thinks he deserves a medal for being such a tough little trooper, and we fully agree! We would however like to bestow medals also to his mom and dad for caring so well for the little bun, and to Bailey for protecting his friend above the call of duty!

4 Responses to “Little Hans deserves a medal!”

  1. furrybutts Says:

    Awww, shucks.. Thanks, Mats & Christina!!

  2. Christina Says:

    We are so happy that he recovered well, we love little Hans!

  3. thefluffies Says:

    Yes, they’re small in size, but they have big hearts!

  4. The Bunns Says:

    We’ve given Hans and family a hip hip hooray too … now how about a 10 Bunn Salute!!!!

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