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What is all this green?

We have shown this picture before, but it is so cute that we have to feature it again! The little, little bunlet in the green, green grass.

8 Responses to “What is all this green?”

  1. Christina Says:

    We are finally getting some green grass here now, and the trees are also slightly green. But no cute bunnies in our grass, just the neighbour’s cats!

  2. Mats Says:

    Yes, there is definitely a lack of cute bunnies in our grass!

  3. The Bunns Says:

    Just as cutesy as before!!! It is greening up at our place too!

  4. Mats Says:

    The speed of green is just amazing here right now. Just a week ago most trees were still without leaves, now many of them seem to be green already.

  5. thefluffies Says:

    We love green grass.. But we see it in the photos. We’re apartment bunnies. Mom wont allow us to touch the green grass.. How does it feels??

  6. furrybutts Says:

    Oh what a cutie!! You can show his/her photo over and over again and we would never get bored of seeing it!

  7. FrecklesandDeb Says:

    So adorable! That little guy looks like he’s really enjoy the grass!

  8. Gabriella Says:

    This is too cute! A handful of bunlet!
    The green green grass is taking over our garden… bunnies united, do come over and have a vacation here, and in the meantime cut down all the grass, please :))

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