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Midsummer’s Eve

Midsummer is a time of celebration in Sweden. The Saturday closest to the summer solstice is the official holiday Midsummer’s Day, and the day before, Midsummer’s Eve (today!), is for most people a day free from work. Midsummer’s Eve is a day of outdoor partying and traditional activities like raising a maypole and dancing around it. In lieu of bunnies dancing in a ring, I found a picture of two cuties in the green green grass of Summer!

5 Responses to “Midsummer’s Eve”

  1. Christina Says:

    Those two are so cute, the little one snuggling up to it’s big friend!
    But if it should be a true Midsummer’s celebration, they really should have wreaths of flowers around their heads (but I guess they would not last for very long if the bunnies found them yummy).

  2. The Bunns Says:

    Hey! Maybe it’s Midsummer and Eve!!!!

  3. Christina Says:

    Yes of course! The big black is Midsummer and the little fellow is of course Eve!
    If I had a bunny I would love to call it Midsummer (hm, do bunnies come in flower patterns?)

  4. furrybutts Says:

    What a sweet picture! I wonder what the little one’s whispering into the bigger one’s ears..

  5. Mats Says:

    If the big one is Midsummer, and the little one is Midsummer’s Eve, I think the little one says: “Tomorrow, my sister Day will be here”.

    Unfortunately, I do not have any pictures of Midsummers’s Day.

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