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Is there a better way to start vacation than to jump into the green green grass and just sit there, nomming the environment?

4 Responses to “Vacation!”

  1. Christina Says:

    That is precisely what we all should do, just like this little cutie (even though I wonder what might be on this bunny’s mind?). We are currently experiencing a real heatwave (well, everything is relative…) with temperatures around 30 Celsius. And our houses are built for cold winters, not for hot summers…
    But the grass is green and the evenings long and bright!

  2. Mats Says:

    Yes, we would all like to just sit in the shade and sip some cold …eh… carrot juice!

  3. The Bunns Says:

    We would just spend our WHOLE vacation that way!!!

  4. furrybutts Says:

    A vacation, yes I need one!! Wish I was a bunny and live my life as one long endless vacation 😉

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