Welcome to Bunny.nu!

This web site contains pictures of cute bunny rabbits and other furry creatures.

It is now official!

The new Bunny.nu blog is officially opened! Welcome everyone!

The old blog can still be reached at http://kaninbilder.matsb.se/, or by following the link Bunny.old in the links section.

9 Responses to “It is now official!”

  1. Christina Says:

    We are all looking forward to lots and lots of bunnies (and bunny-loving humans too)!

  2. Mats Says:

    And treats. Do NOT forget the treats!

  3. furrybutts Says:

    That was fast! Congratulations on the third incarnation 😀

    Mats & Christina, you both seem to really love bunnies. Do you have bunnies of your own?

  4. Rabbits' Guy Says:

    Ok .. carefully, carefully … will this comment work? So far, so good …

    Now … I will push this little Swedish Button here and …….

  5. Rabbits' Guy Says:

    Whoa … it worked! OK… here is the deal. I wrote the previous comment from my Windows Me computer yesterday. It did not show up right away and so I thought I was still not able. Today I am reading from my work Windows XP machine (shh, don’t tell the boss … oh wait, I am the boss!) and I can see my comment from before. Now I shall push the little Submit button again and see what happens. Perhaps there is a delay or else comment moderation has to happen by MAts …………. Here we go .. wheeeeeee

  6. Mats Says:

    Welcome folks! Nice to see that you found your way to our new software!

    RG – you are right about the moderation; the first comment from a new user must be approved by the moderator. This is the WordPress default, and I guess it is a way to avoid getting the blog spammed by bots. (We do not have those psychedelic letter combinations to separate humans from bots.) I hope that your recent post found its way to the blog without delay!

  7. Mats Says:

    Furrybutts: You are right that we love rabbits, but we do not have any bunnies of our own. We want to have real bunnies one day, but we also want to be able to give them plenty of “quality time”, and unfortunately we do not have that time right now. 🙁

  8. Keithius Says:

    Congratulations! The new website looks great!! (Actually, it looked so much like the old one I almost couldn’t tell the difference… good job on making the transition a smooth one!)

  9. Mats Says:

    Welcome, Keithius, and thanks for the WordPress tip! It wasn’t that hard to configure the new blog, once I found out how (and where) the defaults from style.css were changed by the various php files…

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