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A Furry Butt

In memory of little Hans at Furrybutts, we want to show a furry butt here at Bunny.nu. Since we do not have any furry butts of our own, here is Oolong again, showing his furry butt while on travel with his dad.

7 Responses to “A Furry Butt”

  1. Christina Says:

    Yes, we all remember Hans with fondness. And what a cute furry butt Oolong had! He looks as if he is quite at ease even though he is travelling.

  2. Hef's Mom Says:

    Very nice, He looks a lot like Hef!

  3. Mats Says:

    Oolong was obviously a very relaxed bunny and was not disturbed by having to travel.

  4. the bunns Says:

    Works for us … nice tail! Say .. maybe you SHOULD have rabbits!!!!

  5. Furrybutts Says:

    What a gorgeous tail Oolong has! Thanks for posting a furrybutt, Mats & Christina. Hans is ever so honoured.

    P/S: We agree with the Bunns, you’d make great bunny parents!

  6. Mats Says:

    We DO plan to have bunnies of our own, once we have the right house and the right work situations. Then we would like to have a few bunnies, but maybe not ten of them…

  7. the bunns Says:


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