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In the grass

Here is a picture from my stashes featuring two unnamed beauties in the green grass of Summer.

7 Responses to “In the grass”

  1. Freckles and Deb Says:

    They look happy, but alert for any danger!

  2. Christina Says:

    Yes, they do look alert, even though I think their person makes sure nothing threatens them (except perhaps eating too much of the yummy grass?)

  3. Mats Says:

    They make up such a cute couple!

  4. Rabbits' Guy Says:

    But the frowns, the frowns ….

  5. Mats Says:

    Well, yes, maybe a little disapproving…

  6. Lisa Maddox Says:

    Darling rabbits! I’m sending in a video my 7 year old made about rabbit care. It’s not perfect and has a few errors in it, but is cute for bunny lovers. The rabbit in it, Savannah, was found in our yard. She was sick when we got her and unfortunately died of intestinal stasis. We loved her so much we realized we needed a bunny and got Simon, a lionhead, who we adore. We’ve spent a fortune on a play yard, 2 cages, toys, etc. and we are having a ball. House bunnies are wonderful!


  7. Amelia Says:

    I think the video is really good. Obviously Lilly is very mature for her age.
    Savannah is so cute and very well behaved. Welldone!!

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