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This is how we feel today – well, to be quite honest, we “only” got about 10 inches of snow yesterday (in some places in south of Sweden they got over 20 inches) but we already had a lot of snow so trying to clear the driveway and the cars of the newfallen snow is hard work.

The picture shows one of our favourite bunnies: Oolong who lived in Japan.

2 Responses to “Snow!”

  1. Mats Says:

    Oolong sure looks like a conqueror where he sits on the top of a mountain of snow!

    Christina and I are just in from clearing our driveway from snow, our snow thrower refused to start so we had to resort to hand shoveling. Finally, we did conquer the snow enough to get one of our cars out…

  2. The Bunns Says:

    OOoo boy – we have not had snow this winter! Last year was enough for a good long time! Take a break now and then from shoveling!

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