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A new Swedish bunny blog!

We got a blog comment the other day from the owner of a new Swedish bunny blog, Kaninfamiljen (The bunny family). Two new baby bunnies came to their home today!

5 Responses to “A new Swedish bunny blog!”

  1. Christina Says:

    They look very curious! Apparently they will grow into giant bunnies!

  2. Mats Says:

    Yes, they look very curious! Look at those big ears!

  3. The bunny family Says:

    Thank you so much! It´s almost hard to belive that these two tiny creatures will grow into giants within a year… They are just adorable, I´m so happy that I got the oppurtunity to become bunny mummy to these Giant Pappilons.

    I´m actually thinking about following your good example and writing in English in my blog every now and again.

    Att the best to all fellow rabbit lovers out there!

  4. Rabbits' Guy Says:

    My, but those two will be fun to follow. Do have them post in Inglese now and then so we can keep up!

  5. kira whitehouse Says:

    Aw bless! they are so cute!

    I hope they have fun together.

    they look very mischievious dont they??

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