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Racer at Disapproving Rabbits!

Hop over and have a look at Disapproving Rabbits! Racer from A Houseful of Rabbits is their featured bunny today!

4 Responses to “Racer at Disapproving Rabbits!”

  1. Christina Says:

    Racer with the white nose, he is so handsome – but indeed he does look a bit disapproving over the budget for treats being too small!

  2. Mats Says:

    Racer is just so handsome! He has little white front paws also!

  3. the bunns Says:

    Racer, Schmacer .. they should have put ALL of us on there!!

  4. Kaninfamiljen Says:

    Love the white litle dissapproving nose!

    Just wanted to tell every bun that our human has started an all English speking bunny blog as well. Very welcome to pop in for a visit at http://theverybunnyfamily.blogspot.com She says she┬┤ll try to up date almost as regular as on our original Swedish bunny blog. Two giant free range house bunnies, two very bunny blogs -pretty nice we think!

    All the best from Kiddo and Nova

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