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Kiddo In Memoriam

We are so sorry to hear that Kiddo at Kaninfamiljen suddenly passed away and has followed his sister Nova to bunny heaven. Our thoughts go to Kiddos family.

Rest in peace, Kiddo!

3 Responses to “Kiddo In Memoriam”

  1. the bunns Says:

    Rest in Peace Kiddo – we barely knew you … =:<(

  2. Kaninfamiljen Says:

    Thanks for remebering our Kiddo. Feels like it was just yesterday that I found your lovely bunny blog and proudly presented my babies Kiddo och Nova. I just canĀ“t belive that I will never see them again…

  3. Mats Says:

    We are very sorry for the loss of both your giant babies! We hope that Sookie will have a long and happy life together with you!

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