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A little house

Besty and Gus at The Life and Times of Bunnies relax together in their little house.

4 Responses to “A little house”

  1. Christina Says:

    I know they don’t want to admit it, but they are a real pair of cute snuggle-buns!!

  2. Mats Says:

    Yes, they look lovely when they snuggle together, Gus lies under Betty’s ear.

  3. Kaninfamiljen Says:

    Lovely couple! I would really love to be able to find a good friend for our Sookie. But first she has to be sprayed and fully littertrained so that she can enjoy free range of our home and not only the kitchen. Also I need some time to fully accept that both Nova and Kiddo are gone…

  4. the bunns Says:

    They don’t fit!!!

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