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Freckles has left for the Rainbow Bridge

We are sorry to hear that Freckles at Freckles and Deb has gone to the Rainbow Bridge. The stories about her adventures has captured us since our early days of bunny blogging.

Binky free, Freckles!

3 Responses to “Freckles has left for the Rainbow Bridge”

  1. Kaninfamiljen Says:

    Rest in Peace Freckles.

  2. Christina Says:

    If you have not done so, visit the blog Freckles and Deb and read the wonderful story of the Rainbow Bridge, all told by Debbie to Freckles when it was time to go. Tears came in my eyes for the beautiful way that Debbie wrote the whole story on the blog.
    Even if we only know all these rabbits through the Internet, it is still very sad when they pass away.

  3. Mats Says:

    Yes, it is really sad. After following the life of an Internet bunny maybe for years, it feels as if we knew it.

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