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Back home from boat tour

We have been away for a few days on a small boat tour, and are back again. This picture of Bella at Little Fluffy Adventures got me to think about our boating!

6 Responses to “Back home from boat tour”

  1. Christina Says:

    Bella is such a furry cutie, and she seems to love her box!

  2. Mats Says:

    Yes, I wonder if she allows Buttons in there with her?

  3. Christina Says:

    I think she does, they like to snuggle together!

  4. Mats Says:

    Maybe he is in the box, only he is too small to be seen? 🙂

  5. Lisa (the human) Says:

    Awww, thanks for posting Bella in her box!! She does let Buttons in, but only when she’s busy elsewhere (chewing furniture) as the box isn’t quite big enough for both of them!!

  6. Rabbits' Guy Says:

    Row, Row, Row Your Boat ….. tra la la ….

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