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…and Welcome, Myran!

At Kaninfamiljen they also have a new little bunny girl, Myran. She is a french lop just like Eddie in our previous post, and seems to love her food bowl just as much as Eddie. Look at her beautiful ears! Welcome, Myran!

4 Responses to “…and Welcome, Myran!”

  1. the bunns Says:

    She’ll soon grow into and then out of that bowl!!!!

  2. Christina Says:

    And she has such big, cute feet!

  3. Susanna Says:

    Söta lilla myran, hem till oss har nu en söt Belgisk Jättehona flyttat in 🙂

  4. Tessan Says:

    Myran (Ant i english) is already much bigger! She´s so cute and sociable.

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