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Bella in Memoriam

We are so sad to hear that Bella at Little Fluffy Adventures has passed away. Little Buttons has lost his big friend. Our condolences to Bella’s mom, dad and to Buttons!

Binky free, beautiful Bella!

4 Responses to “Bella in Memoriam”

  1. Christina Says:

    It is so sad that Bella is gone. She seemed to be such a lovely bunny. Poor Buttons, he must be missing his big friend, I hope he will be doing OK.

  2. Mats Says:

    Yes, I do hope that Buttons will be doing OK. First he lost his buddy Skittles, and now Bella. 🙁

  3. Lisa (the human) Says:

    Aw thanks guys, this means a lot. We are very sad still, it’s so tough to lose any bunny, especially when young (although we didn’t really know how old Bella was, but she was so spiritedly usually, she must have been young). It’s frustrating when we tried so hard to give her a good life. Buttons is doing ok. We’re making sure he gets lots of attention!

    It helps so much to have the kind words and thoughts of our bunny blogger friends around the world xxx

  4. rabbits' Guy Says:

    Almost more sadness than a person can take. We have so enjoyed Bella and the tryst with Tiny Buttons!

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