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Sunday Cinnamon

This week’s Sunday Cinnamon at Disapproving Rabbits was very suitable for the weather here right now (snowing and windy). The caption to the picture was “Wake me when it’s above freezing”.

5 Responses to “Sunday Cinnamon”

  1. Gabriella Says:

    So true… we got a bit of snow this weekend, but turned into rain while falling down. The weather forecast said it was coming from Sweden?!? Are you Swedish bunnies blowing all the snow clouds in our direction I wonder? 😉

  2. Mats Says:

    We are trying our best, but most of the snow seems to stay here anyhow. (We got at least ten inches of snow yesterday…)

  3. Christina Says:

    I bet Cinnamon would not like the weather we are having. BUt it is really beautiful, in the last couple of days we got around 0.5 m of snow, everything is white and wonderful. But the forecast talks of milder weather, I do not look forward to all the snow melting!

  4. Rabbits' Guy Says:

    Cinamon has the look down well!

  5. furrybutts Says:

    It must be nice when everything’s all white and beautiful! It’s warm here the whole year round, so my bunnies don’t even know what snow means 😀

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