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Winter wonderland

Not exactly bunnies in this picture, but at least a creature (can you spot the birdie?). This is what our garden looks like today. The apples are of a really late variety, and more often than not winter comes before we have had a chance to pick them.

5 Responses to “Winter wonderland”

  1. Rabbits' Guy Says:

    Brrrr…. a beautiful site …. now …. GET OUT THERE AND PICK THEM!

  2. Keithius Says:

    Can’t wait for it to look like that here! 🙂 (I love snow.)

  3. Christina Says:

    Well, it did not last long unfortunately. Today it is +5 (Celsius), the apples are no longer snowcovered, and all the snow on the streets have turned into a combination of water and ice. This is a normal Swedish winter where we live nowadays: first snow, a few days of cold weather, then warm and rain, then when most of the snow has turned into water it all freezes again and all the streets become ice-covered, and then it starts over.

  4. furrybutts Says:

    Oh, it’s so beautiful!!

    Too bad the snow has melted away.. it must be very slippery when all that water turns to ice!

  5. Mats Says:

    It sure has been slippery the past days! By now most of the snow is gone, and the forecast (of course) talks about temperatures below freezing again in a few days.

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